Shenzhen JunTaiTong Technology Co., LTD.

About Us

Company Profile

Shenzhen Juntaitong Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise from China, integrating the R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service of electronic consumer products and communication products.

Producing Department

Juntaitong Technology has a complete digital product line, the purpose is to provide first-class electronic manufacturing technology and services. Up to now, the company has been fully equipped with Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, portable display production capacity.


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Corporate Culture

The company follows the principle of good faith and pursues a win-win situation with customers, employees, suppliers, and relevant interest groups in the community where it is located-customer-oriented, common development with employees, and harmonious coexistence with society.

Customer-All behaviors of the company are customer-oriented, provide products that meet customer needs and have superior cost performance, create value for customers, and in the process of meeting customer needs, the company achieves survival and development.

Employee's efforts and achievements have promoted the company's success. The company's success provides employees with development opportunities and salary returns, traction employees to further success, and ultimately achieve personal ideals and values.

Society-Conscientiously fulfills social responsibilities, promote the development of the communications industry, increase taxes, create job opportunities, and participate in public welfare undertakings.

Core Value

Customers-meet and exceed customer expectations, take the initiative to understand and meet customer needs, always remember: we have nothing but customers.

Quality-value every product and create excellent quality.

Employees-We supports them as precious resources; attract and retain the best employees; respect employees, get along flexibly, provide them with satisfactory returns, and maintain long-term cooperative relationships; create a diverse, inspiring and safe working environment.

Communication-When people need to share information resources with them, employees have the right to know, they should clarify work responsibilities, performance, understand company operations, development plans, and their role in it; often work with colleagues in workgroups communication; communication should be frank and straightforward.